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Jag Jahiratiche


There is a focus on the requirements of the fine art students and the small advertisers in this book. Most of the people are unaware about the science of advertisement and therefore cannot gain full return through advertisement. In fact a product can be successfully advertised through the smallest advertisement with proper knowledge of it. Those who wish to work in the field of advertisement but have not takes formal education will be benefited by reading this book and others would be enlightened.

Yashasathi Kalpakta


To get success novelty is an essential factor. It is through this novelty and innovation for it that has made on daily life interesting. The search and techniques about it and acts on different dimensional factors are discussed in this book. This type of book is made available is Marathi for the first time.

Tukaram Maharajanche Jeevansutre


The abhangas (verses) of Saint Tukarama are full with the precepts for simple life through which one can ascend to the higher spiritual understanding, if followed. They are full of born wisdom of the pious saint. All the verses of Tukarama are thoroughy studied, catagorised according to the class of advices in it and presented in a bookfrom by Dr. Yadav Adhaoo. Everyare needs to understand the precepts in them in the busy lifestyle of today.