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Gadgebabanchya Sahvasat


Gadge Baba was not an organizer of propagator of the religion or a saint. He was social worker who moved in the society and taught people about social uplift and the methods to be observed for it. He taught the people the fundamental and basic links of life and worked as an angel. He was moving educational institute, who worked alone, and made people to follow him for the cause of society. The book tells about the experiments made him and the odds faced by him. The information in the book would benefit social workers in particular.

Islami Jagachi Chitre


The Islamic role is expanded on a large area the population of it too is vast The distructive deeds by this Eslamic Society has frightened the world along with India and also has made the world cautious. Many sensational events are occuring here and there which we cant even imagin. We observe that at each day some sort of change is taking place, somewhere in the Islamic country. This book describes the Islimic world of the 21st century. It is not a book about the study of Islamic religion, nor does it. Comment on their philosophy. It only tells about the happenings in that world, so as to make the reader know in details about the flow of events.

Bhartiya Sankhyashastradnyan


The year 2013 was an international year for statistics. The Contribution of the Indian statistics and it usage is made is made publically known in this book. The is major statistics proficient are presented in it with their international contribution by the writer.