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Mi Boltey Jijabai


Mother of the adored godly personality of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. Jijabai, who guided her son to fight against the odds and establish a Hindu rule is an icon for the mother in the world. Her life was full of strife and struggle. The life style and incident in her life, Where National Pride was the struggling force has been depicted this book as she is speaking.

Bhartachi Rashtriy Pratike


As a responsible citizen each one needs to now about the symbols of and about India. The coming generation can get it through this book so as to feel proud about India. The pictures information of the 20 symbols are beautiful and representing India’s cultural reference.

Swayampak Gharatil Aushodhopachar


In our Kitchen, there are many such things available, which are useful as medicines, Vaidya Shri. R. M. Pujari has given fall information about the household materials and then medical importance, with the hints useful to every housewife.

Sampurna Vivah Margadarshan


Marriage ceremony, right from the selection of bride and groom, till its successful ending includes many problem. Marriage the emotional aspect of both parties, with successful handling of all rituals is the subject of this book. The ceremony can get performed economically, with orderliness, and playfully, one get hints about through this book. The meaning & the purpose marriage, how the management should be done, the budget, religious rituals to be performed in order each and every aspect is discussed. One can get satisfactory answers to all problems related to marriage ceremony & its management.

Nakshatra Bhumi


This is the 2 act drama book on the social problem written by prominent dramatist. The severe and dangerous problem frightening the young generation given it a social foresight.