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121 Mahatvapurn Tharav


The urban banks/workers/women/non-agriculture/multistate institutions have to present before the committees many resolutions. To prepare them a great skill require proper information is needed and it is to be made in limited and proper words, so as to get it approved. Talking this fact into consideration this book to written. All types of resolutions are given in it. One can read the book and use it easily.

Aapatti Vyavasthapan


The Misfortune either natural or man-made, one has to suffer more during its range if one is unaware. If we make premanagement of such misfortunes wisely, our physical and financial loss can be averted to some extent. Everyone needs therefore to know about the misfortune management. There is fullproof advice about this aspect presented in this book by colonal Abhaya Patwardhan. Each and every institute, private or (government) public must have a copy of this book.

Birbalache Vyavasthapan


In the modern times of competition and strife, if the wireman Birbal comes living, how would he solve the problem of the times ahead as thin? An interesting way present guidelines to the entrepreneurs.

Chanakya Sutre


An ancient philosopher, statesman Chanyakya is the personification of WISDOM- all pervading. This great diplomat of the past has written some precepts based on his own experiences in Chanakyasukte is Sanskrit, which have been translated in brief in Marathi. One can read any one out of 450 sutras at any time, think over it and try to practise it in one’s own life. The Sutras/ guidlines have everlasting effect for all times and are applicable in business, politics or family life. To live successful and contented life read this book.

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Yanchi Manav Sutre


The thoughts of Dr. Ambedkar about the values like freedom, self-respect, education, religion of the country, Buddha?s religion, untouchbility. Caste-system, struggle, organization and democracy etc. are worthy and enables each generation for the social uplift and self-honour.

Geeta Vichar


Bhagvat Gita is not a basic guiding force for Indians only, but is force for the whole world. The new generation, which don?t read it should get right line of thinking. Keeping this in mind, some precious precepts from Gita have been selected and included in this book for the benefit of new generation.

Hitopdesh Chaturya Sutre


The elders dont read the book and remain unadvised by ignoring the ill this book. The book though is suppossed to be read by children, it is very very important for people of all age groups. The original sanskrit epigrams and their meaning, inner meaning is revealed in simple language in the book.

Isapniti Chaturya Sutre


We tell the stories of Isapniti to the children, which are useful for the elderly people also, It includes the vision of management and wisdom and speaks about our traditional life. The essence of Isapniti is found in this book

Kanishth Shreni Sevak Margadarshak


The employee is called a ‘Shipai’, ‘Hawaldar’, ‘Driver’, ‘Helper’ or by some other words. All of the success of the institutional work. Whoever comes to the institute has to contact anyone of them at the beginning. These workers of different departments are therefore need to be educated in the work of the institution particularly in banking. This book is writtern taking into consideration all these aspects.

Karmachari Vyavasthapan


The related policies and decisions about the personnel (individual) from his/her appointment, to retirement are discussed in this book viz personnel setup, the responsibilty and accountability of the employee at each level, recrutment methods, promotion system, transfer rules of casual and other leaves, disciplinary laws, secret reporting, financial benifits, laws to be followed, workers organizaiton, contribution of the employees in management etc., are discussed in detail.