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Bhartiya Vaidnyanik


The book is on the glorious heritage of the Indian scientist. Right from the ancient scientist rishi kanad to the modern mathematician Dr. Narlikar and Bhatnagar have been described with their scientific contributions. Many rare photographs add value of the book.

Pradushanatun Paryavarnakade


The whole world is facing a severe pollutions danger today. There is pollution of ground water, pollution of soil, pollution due to atomic project pollution due to chemical and thermal project all over the world. Due to all these factors the temperature of the earth and atmosphere around the earth is becoming hot day by day. It has a great effect on the rains and the system of raining and seasons on the earth thereby. In order to avoid this danger or to lesson its effect, the writer has given information about the manmade causes of pollution and also the ways out. Writer Kishor Pawar

121 Mahatvapurn Tharav


The urban banks/workers/women/non-agriculture/multistate institutions have to present before the committees many resolutions. To prepare them a great skill require proper information is needed and it is to be made in limited and proper words, so as to get it approved. Talking this fact into consideration this book to written. All types of resolutions are given in it. One can read the book and use it easily.

Geetatatva Pradip


A grate sent in the learning of the spirituality late shri B. R. Modak has describe the meaning of the Geeta a in short and precise manner through this book. Geeta can be interpreted and understood in different perspectives, the book is a valuable gift to all who love and honour Geeta.