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Karmachari Vyavasthapan


The related policies and decisions about the personnel (individual) from his/her appointment, to retirement are discussed in this book viz personnel setup, the responsibilty and accountability of the employee at each level, recrutment methods, promotion system, transfer rules of casual and other leaves, disciplinary laws, secret reporting, financial benifits, laws to be followed, workers organizaiton, contribution of the employees in management etc., are discussed in detail.

Hindu Dharma Shastra Ase Sangte


The most ancient, courteous, cultured and advanced religion in the world is Hindu religion. Unfortunately due to social, political changes, there developed deep misunderstand and ignorance about it. Many questions were raised on different aspects of it, at different times by many people. Here the efforts are made to answer them. What does our Hindu religion and its theology says about the questions to be faced in particular condition and in particular time? We have curiosity about it but the answers are not available instantly. For such people this book provides the guidelines.

Dhokyapasun Mulanna Vachwa


Our children are surrounded by many types of dangers. We aught to make them aware about visible and invisible zones of danger the only book of this type available in Marathi

Dhanya Hi Gondvale Nagari


Gondawale is a place, where a yogi disciple gondawalekar Maharaj lived and has made the place consecrated. The full devotional attitude of the writer has guided the reader about the way how to devote himself to this shrine.

Bhartatil Sahakar Chalval : Tatve v Vyavhar


Indian co-operative movement, its principles and working on which a book is written to benefit the students of Part I students of Pune university. The book is also useful for the students of yashwantrao Chavan University and also can be used by G.D.C.A. students. The workers in co-operative fields and movements also can be help from this book.