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Hitopdesh Chaturya Sutre


The elders dont read the book and remain unadvised by ignoring the ill this book. The book though is suppossed to be read by children, it is very very important for people of all age groups. The original sanskrit epigrams and their meaning, inner meaning is revealed in simple language in the book.

Gadgebabanchya Sahvasat


Gadge Baba was not an organizer of propagator of the religion or a saint. He was social worker who moved in the society and taught people about social uplift and the methods to be observed for it. He taught the people the fundamental and basic links of life and worked as an angel. He was moving educational institute, who worked alone, and made people to follow him for the cause of society. The book tells about the experiments made him and the odds faced by him. The information in the book would benefit social workers in particular.

Bhartiya Nobel Vijete


Noble Prize is the most prestigious honour in the world. The Indian who have won this prize. So far has been accounted in this book with their premising work for the benefit of the mankind.

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Yanchi Manav Sutre


The thoughts of Dr. Ambedkar about the values like freedom, self-respect, education, religion of the country, Buddha?s religion, untouchbility. Caste-system, struggle, organization and democracy etc. are worthy and enables each generation for the social uplift and self-honour.