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Dhanyachi Kulkatha


In the human circulization agriculture development and progressive evolution of grains is an important developmental step. Grains, such as paddy, corn, wheat, cereal millet has been discribed in this book with is origin and development till today by Dr. K.K. Kshirsagar interestingly.

Mahamanav Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj


This is a book written to answer the pervert comments made by James Lane in his book. Who with prejudiced mind has made comments on Shivaji. How these comments are biased and are distorted has been established with the presentation of the historical facts by the writer. All of us, who have earnest concern for the real history and also about Shivaji must read this book. A powerful refutation by the writer appeals to the reader and disproves the pervert views. Dr. Pramod Pathak

1965 Che Bharat-Pak Yuddha


The soldiers don?t expect anything from the Society, they just desire that their government and countrymen should be aware about their dutiful sacrifice and honour their death during the war. After the stinging defeat in war between India and china in 1962, the war with Pakistan was won by our brave soldiers, some of whom sacrificed their lives with smiling and dignified ways at the altar of Bharat Mata. The war fought in 1965, in which C I M H Abdul Hamid or lieutenant Colonel Ardeshir Tarapor, a winner of the Paramveer chakra were the dauntless fighters. How many of us know about them and their glorious and frightful fight. The new generation ought to know about them. Time has come to make them know about and enlighten them about the balanced war fought by Indians after the independence. Keeping this in mind 1965 war and its account has been given in this book, so that all Indians would become aware about the sacrifice and the peaceful life we are enjoying at the stake of their brave death.

Sabhya Kase Vhave ?


Man has to cultivate himself through conscious efforts. He has to teach hemself to avoid the wrong doings and proceed towards the precious, gentle peaceful and happy life. For this at each and every stop he ought to be careful, about what and how to speak and what not to speak. What he should listen and what to neglect, what is to be seen and what is not to be seen. He should know when he should be merciful and where he should not be merciful at all. In short the exactitudes of the behaviour are described in this book following which one can make progress in becaming a balanced personality.

Ramjanmabhoomi Muktiche Andolan


God Ram is the beloved, most honourd dirty of Indian Hindus. The birthplace of Rama, which was captured by the muslims has been thought to be a blemish for the indipendent Indians. A movement to free the place has so become an intense and extensive for people. In this book a deep and critical review is presented by the retired editor of daily Tarun Bharat- Shri. D.B. alias Mamasaheb Ghumare.

Hindu Pariwar Manhun Amhi Jagto Ka?


The Hindu family pattern has survived through many disasters and calamities of foreign rules and supressions. In order to Strengthen the roots of Hindu values of life and keep alive its traditions this book is written. The basic powers of Hindu family system, its use to role and its assets are made known to the coming generation in this books It’s writer is a well-known social worker called Krishnappaji, who travelled through whole India for awakening people for about the importance of family pattern through discourses. The book was explained his pant of view in simple manner.