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Guptacharanchi Duniya


The world of the spies is mysterious and full of frightening, so also full of alarming incidents. The reality of this world, the hard steps to open the mysteries and the logical thinking process for the operations executed by the spies is the subject of this book. The awesome, scarce methods adapted to know and understand the mental makeup of the culprit is the challenge for the spies. One can enjoy all these qualities while reading the book.



This is the most important among all upnishadas. It has been translated in Marathi by B. R. Modak is easy and current language.

Gadgebabanchya Sahvasat


Gadge Baba was not an organizer of propagator of the religion or a saint. He was social worker who moved in the society and taught people about social uplift and the methods to be observed for it. He taught the people the fundamental and basic links of life and worked as an angel. He was moving educational institute, who worked alone, and made people to follow him for the cause of society. The book tells about the experiments made him and the odds faced by him. The information in the book would benefit social workers in particular.

Nakshalvadache Avhan


The problem of the challenge of the Naxalism is becoming unbearable and complicated day by day. The government and public both dont pay proper attention to this critical problem seriously. They dont know that the Naxalism is not just a problem to be handeled but it is a war in disguise. The Challenge of Naxalism is discussed with all its aspects with the help of pictures, the amount of loss of manpower with statistic in this book. What is to be done to deal with the problem is also discussed with an authoratative manner. -Brigadier Hemant Mahajan.

Shree Gurucharitra Jase Aahe Tase (II)


Gurucharitra is a devine treatise read in India, there are some hard ritualistic practices whichare to be folloved by the reader, hence many people dont read it. Women are prohibeted for its reading. Yet all of us have curiosity to know about Gurucharitra Shri. Bal Panchbhai has canverted the secred into a book so that one can read and follow the advice in it, It is a translation of the original quazi-poetic treatise in simple prose, which can be read by anyone at anyplace and anytime. The meaning of the secret and sacred original text is made avialable by this book to all.