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Bhartiya Vaidnyanik


The book is on the glorious heritage of the Indian scientist. Right from the ancient scientist rishi kanad to the modern mathematician Dr. Narlikar and Bhatnagar have been described with their scientific contributions. Many rare photographs add value of the book.

Swasth Sukte Sankshipt


In the Aayurveda, the Indians had studied and established the health of all members in the society in full extent. In this book are can read and know about 10 Sanskrit shlokas out of 20 in Marathi transfer. The right concept about the health can beg of through this book.

Nisargachi Navlai


Marvels of nature always beckon us Earthquake, Volcano, are some of these disastrous/events of them. Such a event of nature are mysterious and some are amazing water falls, lakes, springs of hot water are the marvels which delight us. In all 25 such marvels with the scientific rationale behind them has been described by the writer in daily simple language. Professor Sudhir Sahasrabuddhe has written the book in such a manner that all age groups can enjoy and get enlightened by this book.

Vyavasay Vyavasthapan


This book is focused for the use in financial institutions particularly policy, fund, deposit, loan, collection, investment, works, accounting, assembly or meeting, customer, marketing, danger, branch, time and others 20 items management is discussed in this book. A sort of check-list can be got through it. The highest medium and lower management skills are included.