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Rajarshi Kalam


The president of India beloved of all Indians, the scientist of modern times known by the short word ?APJ? was really a king of people ( Rajarshi) in a democratic country. He ruled over the minds of people of India. An honest, humble, and attractive personality of this man has inspired all of us. This book tells about all of his abilities and precious deeds; A perspective profile adds to the honour of Indians.

Jagtik Tapman Vadh


With the disastrous features of the modern lifestyle, how the temperature of our planet is increasing day by day is discussed in this book. The reasons behind this rise and the problems and risks and dangers that burst out of it are hinted by the writer in simple laymans language. Writer G.B. Sardesai

Yashasathi Kalpakta


To get success novelty is an essential factor. It is through this novelty and innovation for it that has made on daily life interesting. The search and techniques about it and acts on different dimensional factors are discussed in this book. This type of book is made available is Marathi for the first time.

Adarsh Potniyam


For Multinational co-operative there was no law available in Marathi. The above one and this (both) books have provided a helping hand to fast growing multinational institutions.

Manatil Akshar Moti


An aged mother go, Durgatai Phatak from wardha, about her daughter had made compilation the title whose writing page is drawn by the grand daughter. The book includes the picture writings in Marathi, Hindi prose, poems of small dramas guiding articles and stories written in the ninety years lifespan wherein we get the information about life style of the woman in last century.

Karmachari Seva Pustika


Information about each and every employee a book or booklet can get printed, with the name of the institute with increase in pages, in adequate price (more pages less price)