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Sangit Sadhana


This is a book in Hindi informing about the Gwalior system of vocal music. It is a good text book on the Khayal and Parana recital, rarely available elsewhere.

Nivdak Banking Nivade


The selected cases relating to banks is made available to bank related people and eg. Societies, Banks, Auditors, C.A. Pleader etc., in Marathi and to laymen/common people in this book people can get aware and enlightened through related work accordingly in them and can perform their banking and other financial, commercial field carefully and cautionary. The important case and their results have been mentioned.

Paithan Darshan


The unique importance of the pilgrim place paithan as a religion and centre has been described in the book cultural different important sports to visit and places for purchase of paithani a unique sari and other seats important as visiting have be in also informed about.



To become successful and happy, you have to follow and master tactful diplomacy. This is the real wisdom of life taught through Panchatantra, the modern education of the management taught in the famous management schools. The wisdom, diplomacy, genuily which is to be developed into your personality to presented in it through small stories. Which are interesting to understand and follow compilation