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Jag Jahiratiche


There is a focus on the requirements of the fine art students and the small advertisers in this book. Most of the people are unaware about the science of advertisement and therefore cannot gain full return through advertisement. In fact a product can be successfully advertised through the smallest advertisement with proper knowledge of it. Those who wish to work in the field of advertisement but have not takes formal education will be benefited by reading this book and others would be enlightened.

Yashashvi Dukandari


Everyone of us cames into contact with the shops often for this or that purpose, yet we are unaware about its working. We come accron some small shops and also we visit big and departmental stores. The question these shopkeepers have to face are discussed here in this book. Retail shops, smallest hand cart shop. (Theta) handelled by the owners are guided in different catagories such as place of the shop, the goods which are sold, price fixing, profit etc. This is the first book on this subject in Marathi, by a wellknown writer Shri. Dilip Godbole.