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Jagtik Tapman Vadh


With the disastrous features of the modern lifestyle, how the temperature of our planet is increasing day by day is discussed in this book. The reasons behind this rise and the problems and risks and dangers that burst out of it are hinted by the writer in simple laymans language. Writer G.B. Sardesai



The life of the earth creatures meant including man depends on the cycle of rains. The factors making a rain cycle are clounds, lightening and rainfall, each having a particular mode and importance. The winds also play a major role to assembleor or divert the rain clouds. Prof. Uma Palkar has given the information about the inter dependance of many factors in the process of rainfall.

Pradushanatun Paryavarnakade


The whole world is facing a severe pollutions danger today. There is pollution of ground water, pollution of soil, pollution due to atomic project pollution due to chemical and thermal project all over the world. Due to all these factors the temperature of the earth and atmosphere around the earth is becoming hot day by day. It has a great effect on the rains and the system of raining and seasons on the earth thereby. In order to avoid this danger or to lesson its effect, the writer has given information about the manmade causes of pollution and also the ways out. Writer Kishor Pawar

Vinashachya Vatevaril Prani


There are many animals that have extincted and many are due to extinct because of the greed of man. Man has used the flesh, bones, skull, horms nails and other parts of the animals for food, medicines and also for fashionable goods. In effect many animals on the earth are no more. The whole species has extincted and only fossils or pictures of them are avialabe. The writer G.B. Sardesai has given information about many such animals which had been allve on the earth but are not found at any part of the world today. Some other animals are also on the way of being extincted and so deliberate efforts to help them to live is an urgent need.

Yamduti Sunami


A messenger of Death what is tsunami frightful cyclone that has thrilled the world of this book provides information in an illustrates and scientific form. The writer is lieutanant G.B. Serdesai