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A great Devotee Neetatai Pulliwar has written some devotional songs/bhajanas. This is a book of them. Goden Sharda, Guru devine teacher, God Datta, God Vitthal are the subject of the poems which can be sung.

Janewari 30 Nantar


The changes occuring in society always are depicted in short stories interestingly. In this book there are 15 stories occured in 40 years. We can feel and listen different mental attitudes and experiences Pulsating through these stories which are having complex relationship.

Man Tarang


On a rare occasion, the deep mind, gives expression to the hidden shell in the sea of mind dispersing the pearls in it on the foreground of written form of the poems. The poems in this book may not be called as ideal and are not possible to be sung on yet they are honest in their feelings.

Manatil Akshar Moti


An aged mother go, Durgatai Phatak from wardha, about her daughter had made compilation the title whose writing page is drawn by the grand daughter. The book includes the picture writings in Marathi, Hindi prose, poems of small dramas guiding articles and stories written in the ninety years lifespan wherein we get the information about life style of the woman in last century.

Mukta Kavita Manamanatil


A book of poems equal to the poets and writers of Vidarbha like Vamanrao Chorghade, Purushottam Darwhekar, Ram Shewalkar, from Nagpur, Madhukar Keche and Suresh Bhat is written by a duel a mother and her daughter ie. sau Uma Kannadkar and Dr. Sau Manasi Kavimandan, It indudes 84 poems out 95 which 69 are in Marathi and 15 in English. There are 23 poems from the mother and others are of her daughter. The poem ‘Baba’ is praiseworthy Sau. Uma Kannadkar, Dr. Sau. Manasi Kavimandan,

Nakshatra Bhumi


This is the 2 act drama book on the social problem written by prominent dramatist. The severe and dangerous problem frightening the young generation given it a social foresight.

Netkya Bodhkatha


This is a book of short stories which are instructive. The positive and negative aspects of life, success and failures one has to face have been the subjects of the stories which help to develop positive view about life

Onjalitil Moti


The Social life has become healthy and easy to live in and to enjoy by social worker’s dedication they have devoted their life for society, some of these workers dont wish to get publicity so that common man dont know about their selfless endeavour. Some such worker have been made known to the reader by Shri. Arvind Khandekar. There are 3 headings under which the writer has given information , they are condolance, will wishing and Matruvandana. In 2008, the book was chosen by Government of Maharashtra as one of the best books and it has won prize for its contents from Mumbai institute under Swayam Sidha. Catagory –



Shri. Vasant Chinchalkar has given expression to some personalities he came into contact in this book. He has clissified these people/personalities of his choice in Sa, re, Ga, Ma, P and ni – the notes of music. There are some personalities who are famous social figures and some are common people acquainted with the writer, yet each of them have some special feature, which the writer has aptly focused an and meticulously discussed.



This is one act play of Dr. Vadyalkar based on social sequence, the dialogues is which are very interesting.